Swimming Pool Guidelines

This information has been updated on June 3rd.

POOL HOURS – 10:00 AM TO 8:00 pm Tuesday through Sunday

  • As with any other visit to the Club, if you are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms or simply do not feel well, please stay home.
  • The virus is not transferable via pool water, but social distancing rules are still in effect.
  • We have hired pool attendants who will be monitoring the number of people on the pool deck as well as in the pool. These numbers are based on calculations involving number of people per square feet. Compliance with the attendant’s requests will determine whether or not we can keep the pool open.
  • The pool furniture has been placed at appropriately measured distances. Please do not alter the location of tables and chairs.
  • Lounge chairs may be grouped together for members of the same household. Please keep your household group at the appropriate distance from others.
  • While it seems contradictory to the rules regarding indoor dining, pool rules do not allow for the gathering of individuals other than those of the same household.
  • Pool attendants are responsible for a number of considerations and there will be additional postings in the pool area. Pool attendant’s requests are neither optional nor debatable.
  • All chairs, tables, and lounges will be sanitized when an individual leaves.
  • “Congregating” is the State’s biggest concern. This is why “common areas” of the bar are off-limits and why the rule requiring everyone to be seated when eating or drinking exist. These same rules apply to the pool area. For now, the pool bar will remain closed, as will the pool level social area.
  • All pool toys and shared items are not permitted at this time although personal PFD’s for kids are permissible.
  • The pool will be closed to guests for the time being. This is to ensure that members and their immediate families are able to use the pool under the current restricted load requirements.
  • The hot tub is limited to a maximum of 4 people at any given time and everyone must be from the same household.
  • Please be sure to take all your personal items with you when you leave. We do not provide towels or chair cushions, so we don’t have that concern to deal with but items left behind will be discarded according to established protocol.