Lakeside Yacht Club Hours

Starting May 15th through May 20th
Lakeside Yacht Club can serve food and beverages to outside open-air tables.

Starting May 21st Lakeside Yacht Club can serve food and beverages to tables inside and outside the restaurant.

Listed below are some of the mandatory precautions we need to adhere to:

Customers & Guests Mandatory

  • Ensure a minimum of six feet between parties waiting and when dining – if not possible, utilize barriers or other protective devices
  • Post a list of COVID-19 symptoms in a conspicuous place
  • Ask customers and guests not to enter if symptomatic
  • Provide access to hand washing methods while in the food service establishment, and if possible, place approved hand washing/sanitizing products in high-contact areas

We are asking all the members to please follow these precautions and to respect each others space during these times.


Summer Club Hours

(starting May 22, 2020)

8am-11:30pm for Food Service and Bar Service will be 8am until 1am

8am-8pm for Food service and Bar service

Closed “Other than Holiday’s”

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Food service 11am-9pm, Bar Service 11am-11pm

11am-11:30pm food service, Bar Service 11am-1am

Holiday weekends Sunday’s will be treated like a Saturday and the Monday’s will be treated like a Sunday.