Gulden/McCarty Cup

Lakeside Yacht Club’s Gulden/McCarty Cup

This race is held in July every year and provides members an opportunity to showcase their sailing skills.

The race usually sails around the CYRA fixed marks and the Cleveland Crib.  The length of the course is 12 to 16 nautical miles depending on wind conditions. The course marks and rounding sequence are announced at the Skipper’s Meeting before the event.


Starts will be provided for PHRF and JAM classes.

Requirements for Entry

The Gulden/McCarty Race is open to any single-hull sailing yacht that has a current PHRF rating certificate and is owned by a member of an I-LYA recognized yacht club.

All registrants agree by their registration to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing and by all other rules that govern this event. The skipper of each boat will be solely responsible for making the decision to race and will assume all risks engendered by weather or events of racing.

All Safety Equipment required by the U. S. Coast Guard must be carried on board.


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