Please join us for some socialization, book discussions and lots of fun! LYC Book Club meets the first Tuesday of each month at 6:00 p.m. except for the month of September.  All are welcome.   You are encouraged to read the book selection for the month but you can always join us and listen to what others have to say.  Those discussions may perk your interest to read the book.

The reading selection for March 3rd is “Murder in the First Edition” by Lauren Elliott.

 Addie’s getting into the spirit for the upcoming Charity Auction-especially since she’s got an 1834 copy of Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol to donate.  Her former colleagues at the Boston Public Library has confirmed that its worth runs toward the high five figures, which should help with the new pediatric wing.  Her mood darkens, though, when a visitor from the past appears-Jonathan Hemingway, the father of her late fiance. His presence stirs up sad memories for Addie, but also has her fuming when Jonathan, true to his womanizing ways runs off for a lunchtime liaison with Teresa Lang, who’s in charge of the auction.

 Soon after, Addie heads to Teresa’s office at the hospital-and finds the poor woman’s dead body. What she doesn’t find is her valuable first edition. What sort of Scrooge would steal from sick children and commit murder in the process?  As a Nor’easter bears down and a mystery emerges about Jonathan’s past, Addie must find out if she can appraise people’s motives and characters as well as she can appraise rare books.

 April 7th – “Gone With the Wind” by Margaret Mitchell

May 5th – “The Paragon Hotel” by Lyndsay Faye