Dear LYC Members:

The 3-day Polar Vortex that has received far more media attention than was probably warranted has ended with Punxsutawney Phil not seeing his shadow! Hopefully, old Phil is better than your average weather prognosticator and we will indeed, have an early Spring. As if in response, the “grin” that Lake Erie began late last night with a slight fissure in the ice about a quarter mile offshore has become a full-blown smile with today’s sunshine.

In the meantime, February and March have plenty of events on the calendar to help while away what’s left of the winter doldrums including a new Champagne and Tapas evening on February 16th (reservations required) and Trivia Night on February 23rd.

This past Thursday we had record-setting attendance for Prime Rib Night, to the extent that we ran out of prime rib for the first time! I was stunned to arrive at a packed bar at 6:45 pm with “overflow” seating in the Dining Room. After a couple of cocktails and much conversation, I was one of those who missed out on the prime rib. Over 2/3 of those in attendance Thursday night were “walk-ins”, which is wonderful but hard to plan for. Please, when possible, make reservations for special events in order to help the staff properly prepare to make everyone’s evening as enjoyable as possible.

Abby and I wish you and yours all the best and a speedy February. I look forward to seeing many of you this Tuesday when both a Board Meeting and Book Club are scheduled. Now, we’re headed to the Club for lunch. Yesterday’s special was a terrific barbeque brisket sandwich. I wonder what Chef Lissa has planned for today?