Lakeside Yacht Club is proud to recognize consecutive 30-plus year members!

Marvin Schinagle 65+
Howard Kaufman 65+
Larry Miller 51+
John May 51+
Jock Thompson 50+
P/C Donna Bloom-Schwartz
P/C Dr. John Murphy
Jim Priest
George Gulden
Ed Rockey
Tom Fleming
Stan Roediger Jr.
P/C Kevin Young
Al Russel
Creighton Heyl
J.J Jursik
John Gardina
P/C Jim Svetek
Char Portman
Ed Crist
John Sparano
P/C Mark Carrabine
P/C Rob Ruhlman
Vince Pisano
Commodore John Szabo
Joe Scope
Scott Ginsburg
Bill Berris
Maureen Donovan

At the Holiday party in December, all of you will be honored at the event and a new plaque will be unveiled for all of you and hopefully, many more to come! Thank you to Bob Evans for inspiring this!